Our Mission
To inspire, educate, and connect women in the region.

What is TWC?
It's a new kind of women's organization!

At The Women's Connection, we recognize that one of the most precious commodities in your life is time. We know that you are already involved in multiple activities and have no time for more committees, business meetings and fundraising. So we're committed to giving you practical information about health, finances and lifestyle, plus the opportunity to meet women who share your interests, your goals and your sense of fun...all without the duties of a traditional women's organization. How? Through the support of our professional staff and Corporate Sponsors.

With our new online component, you don't even have to leave your desk or home to participate in the best information and networking opportunity for women in the QCA. Through www.AskTWC.com you can share information and experiences with our members, with 21st Century efficiency.

And when you do have the time to treat yourself to a special outing, The Women's Connection offers events that provide informative learning opportunities focusing on health, finance or lifestyle issues from a woman's point of view. The Women's Connection is for everyone, and you'll be sure to make friends and valuable contacts. The Women's Connection is proudly sponsored by Essay Experts

Give yourself a special treat by joining The Women's Connection.
For just $35 a year, you get all this!

  1. Members-Only online privileges at www.AskTWC.com: you can ...
    • Ask for a specific recommendation if one is not already in the database.
    • Make recommendations, even for your own business or service.
    • Request and offer non-commercial merchandise on The Exchange (including garage sale notices!)
    • Access the online Member Directory and make updates to your own entry.
    • Post personal and/or business related announcements.
    • Renew your membership.
    • Search for all new information posted during a specific time period: today, the past 7 days, 14 days or 30 days.
  2. Discounted fees for TWC Events
  3. 4 issues of WomeNews, the TWC newsletter
  4. Email updates and reminders
  5. Valuable opportunities from our Corporate Sponsors, Trinity Regional Health System and Royal Neighbors of America, including a Royal Neighbors complimentary general membership and Trinity discount coupons.
Board of Directors
President: Mary Lagerblade
Vice President: Cheri Bustos
Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Brown
Theresa Bonin
Janet Griffin
Mary Jackson
Kathy Michel
Mary Staver
Karla Steele
Judith Tshibangu
Diana Zogg
Dr. Kim Armstrong
Colleen Rafferty
Executive Director
(309) 631-0167
Sherri Behr DeVrieze
Assistant to the Director
(309) 732-8364
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